The Monsters we become

We become them in the dark Termites for thoughts, Explosives for hearts Thoughts devouring conscience Wired to blow up emotion When every last bit of consciousness is consumed And we are left with nothing The emptiness of a vessel that once felt like a soul The debasement of a spirit that once breathed life She … Continue reading

The Days I Remember God

The days I remember God Are the brightest ones Where I love myself like I am my own child And I love the earth like a Mother and Daughter: someone to respect and take care of Self-forgiveness fills my heart like my ribcage is a broken dam As I watch the elements that were once … Continue reading

radiate love

We ran our fingers through the globe braided the leaves of the treetops showered in her reign tried with our whole hearts to manufacture love out of pain walking proudly atop the skeletal remains of self-loathing as its ghosts tried to use gravity as a tool to bring us down. No longer, we said, will we gravel .. … Continue reading

running away from my feet

and towards forgiveness but I keep tripping over myself. Never falling completely (even my falls are incomplete) miscalculated steps the artful curl of disaster, hung like willow tree leaves waiting to fall always trying to touch the ground and come down to earth trying to forget their exposure to the lightening and rain instead they … Continue reading

We keep doing this, love

we keep complicating simple matters keep forgetting we are daughters of the soil that our ancestors were soliders of light that thirst is best quenched in our hearts, then our minds, last our bodies we keep bringing our bodies to the forefront of this fight we we we keep leaving ourselves behind for flesh keep … Continue reading

She lost herself…

And the walls spoke of her they all whispered her secrets through red paint they screamed out her story through awkwardly hung picture frames framed her with their 4-faced confinement these walls, this ceiling never good at concealing a damn thing only good at giving the kind of hugs.. that make you want to run barefoot … Continue reading

Internet addiction?

This is a confessional piece, so imma keep it 100… I was listening to a CBC radio podcast about people suffering from internet addiction. They did a cover story on this one law student who was addicted to internet gaming and I found myself relating to him a lot more than I would have hoped. Although … Continue reading

A strange reaction to an immense blessing

There are moments in my life when I shock myself. These moments are often ones in which I discover myself the most. About a month ago, I was awarded a distinguished award by the city I live in. It wasn’t until last week, however, that the media ran with this accomplishment and published my life … Continue reading

On getting solitude wrong

broken lighthouse windows piercing oceans like thorns desperate vandalism; breaking even salvation glass ceilings becoming floors they still cut like before this time the sole (soul) this time I hung myself to dry over cracked soil folding into my world into the tomb of my mouth into the gaping cavity in my chest into the … Continue reading